The best smartwatches for women: Beautiful, stylish and smart options

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February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Any watch that looks like something men wore in the 90s is not going to appeal to women.

Wear OS by Google smartwatches help you get more out of your time. Fitness tracking, messaging, help from your Google Assistant and more all from the convenience of your wrist.
Our Fossil Q Collection features smart technology styled into watches that stay in tune with your essential fitness apps. Our smartwatches are supported by Intel Innovation® and are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, but yet look the part of your favorite activity watch.
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The men wear shirts with dress pants and the women wear a short jacket over a nice shirt, a jumper, and a smart blouse. Their outfits are good looking and pulled together, a complete look that may be a bit much for a business casual environment, but is precisely correct in a workplace that espouses a smart casual dress code.
Smart casual is an ambiguously defined dress code that is generally a neat yet casual specialisedsteels.tkent localities, kinds of events, contexts, or cultures can have varying interpretations of the dress code and therefore the designation of certain clothing pieces as smart casual is disputed.
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Our Fossil Q Collection features smart technology styled into watches that stay in tune with your essential fitness apps. Our smartwatches are supported by Intel Innovation® and are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, but yet look the part of your favorite activity watch.

The luxury brand's second smartwatch will be among the first watches to be powered by Qualcomm's new improved Wear platform.

The Apple Watch is our current top pick of smartwatches and still probably the best full-blooded smartwatch for iPhone-owning women. Now you have to choose between a few official options: Outside Apple, you could also give the very similar Series 2 a look. We'd give the latest Series 3 our vote, though whether you want to fork out for LTE for calls and music streaming is up to you.

Worth thinking about - an Apple Watch Series 4 has just been announced, if you're all about having the very latest model. It's not exactly groundbreaking in design considering it looks near identical to the original, but it's chock full of great features like waterproofing and GPS.

Though it looks nothing like a traditional wristwatch, the Apple Watch is still the most flawlessly finished smartwatch we've seen and can look quite chic nestled on a wrist stacked with bracelets — and luckily there's a huge aftermarket of Apple Watch straps to choose from. It boasts native apps, which run even when your iPhone isn't nearby, and core features like notification support and messaging are more refined.

Plus, watchOS 5 will bring more features to all models aside from the Series 1. It's a lot quicker and slicker to zip around. It's not perfect - battery life is only 18 hours of balanced use - but it's definitely an improvement on the first iterations and still a looker.

Apple Watch Series 3 review. After a rocky start with the Ionic, Fitbit's venture into smartwatches is much stronger with the Versa. Its second smartwatch isn't just better looking, it's smaller too, making it more suited for women.

This was a major problem with the Ionic, which was too large for many wrists and employed a very angular, arguably ugly design. The Versa runs on the same software as the Ionic, meaning you'll have access to the app store and catalogue of watch faces, but in a smaller package.

There's a vibrant x pixel resolution display topping out at 1, nits, and with 50m water resistance it can be taken swimming you can track pool workouts. Plus Fitbit's female health period tracking , which is open to all users of the app, can actually be viewed onscreen on the Versa. Where it differs from the Ionic feature-wise is the lack of built-in GPS.

You'll still be able to track GPS, but it'll need to be paired with your phone to do so. You can still load on tracks and play offline playlists from Deezer and for US users only Pandora, so it's still a pretty good independent workout companion.

Just be warned if you're buying this in the US: It's seriously light, small at 36mm, fairly slim at 12mm and comfortable to wear on the wrist. Plus it looks almost identical to a non-connected smartwatch. As well as activity and sleep tracking, which you can monitor in the Fossil Q app, you can also set up vibration alerts, which you can allocate to a number on the watch face too.

So if you get a WhatsApp, the watch hands on the 40mm watch face could move to the 1 o'clock position, for instance - though this does take a few days to get to grips with but then. Also nice and more straightforward are the features you can set up for the three buttons on the right hand edge - remote selfie, remote music controls etc.

Just be careful with the 16mm leather straps as they get dirty quickly - we'd suggest splashing out on the metal band. Fossil Q Neely review. Kate Spade's first Wear OS watch previously Android Wear features the brand's iconic scallop design, which was a key part of its fitness tracker, bringing the detail around the bezel.

The screen packs a x resolution, which is pretty standard for recent Fossil Group smartwatches. It's light on features, but what it does, it does well, with plenty of Kate Spade-made watch faces that add to one of the best looking women's smartwatches out there right now. Kate Spade New York Scallop review. If you like the look of this monochrome styling, Nokia's Steel HR hybrid, which is now Withing's hybrid again, is still well worth checking out. Its tiny circular display and activity dial sit stylishly on the analogue watch face, blending in particularly well on the all-black model.

The Steel HR is a nice choice for anyone who is health conscious, but worried about wearing a gadget on their wrist. It looks like a regular watch, with silicone, woven and leather strap options in various colours. So what does it do? Well, it counts steps, tracks sleep and heart rate and shows you who is calling or if a calendar event is coming up.

The revamped Health Mate app is solid and battery life is 20 - 25 days, which is very impressive if, like us, you hate charging wearables. Two sizes are available - 36mm and a 40mm version - so both are pretty compact and the watch is water resistant to 50m thanks to the addition of sapphire glass. Our only real complaints are the lack of GPS for runners and the poorly designed charger. Nokia Steel HR review. The first big fashion name with real star power to get involved with Google's Wear OS platform was Michael Kors - scroll down for last year's Bradshaw.

Contacted Asus and they offered No help or solution. Will not replace and no one has a replacement. They don't care about customers! They are Incredibly Awful! You get what you pay for.

Cheap watch at a cheap price and left on a deserted Island if you need help. That header is not doing any favors for your blog. Any watch on this list is the "best" smartwatch for a woman if she decides to buy it. I wear an LG myself. If what you're attempting to convey is "thinnest" smartwatch or "most fashionable" then you should call it that. FFS, do you even have any women on staff over there?

Watches are commonly classified as "for men" or "for women". Google "macys watches" and look at the first 5 results. She wears a Moto But the Huawei Watch is thinner, lighter and a lot more unisex. Hi viachristina, just to add to this - I helped with the categories for this list.

We're not trying to offend anyone but we a know a lot of Wareable's readers are men and b are trying to provide at a glance advice for readers to then explore individual reviews themselves. It's simply a fact that a lot of the smartwatches here will not appeal to women. I agree that the LG is technically the best, for instance, but I wouldn't wear it myself.

It's perfectly normal that women reading BS being ignorantly perpetuated against the current should feel offended. Viachristina is absolutely right, and her feelings on this subject are legit.

It's funny to see how some of the replies she got by some "men" fall in line with those of my example I guess trying to look masculine with the macho act actually reveals the opposite. I'm not interested in wearing a chunky 'manstyle' watch.

Did you remove the 'best for women' category? I don't know why you would care what gamers think I'm not walking into a business meeting in Dubai or Seoul with a giant man watch rock on my wrist. Any watch that looks like something men wore in the 90s is not going to appeal to women. More women friendly choices please!!

Most women have different desires and fashion focuses than men. Stop trying to make the sexes the same Also, we all know that no multi-national corporation is sending you on meetings abroad, so calm down. Oh please, just stop with this nonsense. Women have smaller wrists, idiot. And different fashion sense People like you are what's wrong with gender relations. Totally agree with all the commenters on here about the difference between men and women's watches. I am on the lookout for a smartwatch but unfortunately any that I like for functionality are too chunky and masculine.

Would look totally odd on my wrist!! As I was doing my research I had the same reoccurring thought So don't blame the author, blame the designers and makers of the watches! Viachristina may have a point. There are so many fat and ugly women out there nowadays they probably need a large watch. Some women in western Sydney could wear Big Ben on their wrists and deem it too small!

I agree with the majority of replies to viachristina, get your head in, neuter your own sex and let males be males. So it makes perfect sense that they caption it as "the best smartwatch for women".

To hide such an appropriate label would be misleading and would diminish the marketing of the product. If you find the label offensive, then you need to take your bigoted self back to your safe space and stfu!

If you attribute "thinnest" or "most fashionable" to the word "women", then you literally have ZERO argument. You're trying to push some PC agenda by demoralizing the idea in associating it with a stereotype on your own. Its laughable and makes you look extremely ridiculous. It's a freaking watch. Only a sexist women would turn it into an issue.

You have the power to move on if you don't like their vocabulary Better change bathroom signs, clothes, bras, shoes etc. I did pick up on that patronising heading too. It's not the listing of the category, they are entitled to review whatever product they wish, but the choice of words is somewhat insensitive to forward thinking human beings.

I got the Samsung Gear Live and it works pretty damn well. Not sure about the 24hrs of battery life though, as claimed by the article. I have everything turned on with mine, plus I sideloaded a bunch of stuff and i get well over 48hrs on a single charge. I do not use the 'always on' watch face but it turns itself on every time I look at it. I also don't wear it to bed as that's a bit of a waste. I dont personally like the android wear OS though, its very uncool: I have a Moto and I like it but was hoping for more features.

Not being able to make a call through the watch is a let down, to be honest. And the vibration seems a little low, I miss some of the notifications Does anyone know if there is an android wear watch planned that has GPS, storage 4gb , and decent health tracking including a heart rate monitor? I find many that have 2 of the 3, but none with all three except the Gear S, but I don't want yet another app store. I have the Samsung Gear Live - it's not a bad watch and have been happy with it.

The charger is terrible and broke after about 3 months I got a friend to 3D print a custom charger dock off thingiverse and works great, though shouldn't have to do that. Interchangeable bands would be good. Battery life may get two days if switch if off at night. Visibility in sun light is very poor, but overall am happy with it and wouldn't bother upgrading until it maybe breaks. Love answering the phone or checking messages via the watch. I almost never use most of the apps on the watch.

The correct term for such people is "wrist radiusly challenged. If you're going to use such language, we're really only one step away from rounding them up and putting them into camps. I currently have a Sony Smartwatch 3 and agree with this article that it's the best Android Wear watch currently available. I would love to upgrade to the Moto Sport when that's available, since it will also have a built in GPS, but I can't myself buying one until they get rid of that flat tyre at the bottom!

The reported reason they have it is for the ambient light sensor, but surely they can put that on the side? All the other makers of round smart watches seem to manage it. Particulary Dividing into Gropus like for stunning display,Style etc.

Done a Great Job Dudes. I read this article with interest - BUT the bars of gold that each item requires is excessive. Great watch, but after 2. Pakistani fashion magazine Fashion Central defines a woman's smart casual look from an employment perspective.

Fashion Central outlines smart casual with clothes unstained and wrinkle-free with non-loud and non-bright colors that reflect the woman's age. Too fancy or too casual dresses are inadvisable as well as the use of extreme make-up , such as using dark, glossy or chalky shades, or applying too much eye shadow. Fashion Central reports black or brown heels are preferred by women and advise to correctly select appropriate shoes for a workplace's environment.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This article is about the dress code. For the album, see Smart Casual album. Females wearing shirts along with microskirts and hotpants at work.

Female wearing a suit without any shirt or clothing under it. Woman wearing sweater and shorts. Woman wearing shirtdress without any trousers or skirt. These can be considered as new fashion trends of women's smart casuals. Dress coat " white tie " Ball gown Frock coat Full dress uniform Morning dress. Tuxedo " black tie " Evening gown Mess dress uniform Black lounge suit. Informal undress , " dress clothes ". Cocktail dress Lounge suit Service dress uniform Pantsuit.

Business casual Casual Friday Smart casual. Ceremonial dress Court diplomatic academic , etc. Religious clothing cassock , habit , etc.

Fitbit Versa

Find this season's fashion essentials in the boohoo women's working wardrobe. Look chic in the office with jumpsuits, high heels, dresses and more. Discover women's workwear at ASOS. Shop the full collection of officewear for women, from ladylike shift dresses to super-smart tailoring available at ASOS. If we had tried to compile a collection of the best smartwatches for women two years ago, it might have consisted of a string of angry emojis and not much else. Times have changed, and there are.